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t's been years now since I discovered that Herb, a dear friend, owned a publishing archive which he collected over forty years with some 5,000 books and bound magazines dating back to the early 19th century, and millions of clipped and cataloged images.

Before photography became the medium for illustrating published works, world renowned graphic artists created the book illustrations, advertising art, caricatures, and political cartoons of the day.

The on-line catalog shows the editions available. Click the name of an edition to see all the images in that edition. The number of illustrations in each one is noted below the title at the top of the page.

Herb often got calls when a newspaper or magazine needed an historical illustration. This is where Archive Arts had its beginning. Since that time we have collected another 500 volumes of original books and old bound magazines as source materials.

All our Civil War eBooks are primary source documents, that is, these books were written by those who were actually involved in the events (first person). To read a few pages of the different Civil War eBooks and for summaries of the eBooks.

Our Civil War eBooks are now also available on Amazon® Kindle©.


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