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Read sample pages from our ebooks to recount the first person experiences reported by the people who experienced a war that changed how wars were fought. Then you can easily download the ebooks you want for your reading enjoyment.

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Battle of Bull Run ~ Gen. B. T. Beauregard et. al.
Clash of the Ironclads ~ John Taylor Wood, Merrimac Commander and Samuel D. Greene, Monitor Exe. Officer
Operations of the Western Flotilla ~ Commander Henry Walke,

Opening the Lower Mississippi ~ David D. Porter, Powhatan Commander
Shiloh Campaign ~ Gen. Ulysses S. Grant, Commander, et. al.

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Battle of Bull Run
Battle of Bull Run


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Confederate General B. T. Beauregard recounts the first major encounter between the untested Confederacy and the Federal troops. This eBook includes letters subsequently submitted to the press refuting some of Beauregard's account, as well as others.

Also included is "The First Battle of Bull Run"
by Alexander H. Stephens and General Joseph E. Johnston

"Bull Run As Seen Through Critical English Eyes"
by William Howard Russell a British Journalist present at the battle, soon after writing this for the London Times, was expelled from the United States.

"Troop Strength Statistics of the Battle"
by James V. Fry and
Thomas Jordan,
for each side.

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Clash of the Ironclads

John Taylor Wood

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This collection combines three factual, eye-witness accounts from three different view points of the first encounters between the Monitor and Merrimac; John Taylor Wood, the Commander of the Merrimac and Samuel Dana Greene, the only executive officer the Monitor had during its short life, and a Confederate officer who watched the two-day long encounter from shore. On March 8, 1862, this naval battle between the first iron-clads changed all the navies of the world forever.

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Operations of the Western Flotilla and
Recollections of Foote and the Gun-Boats
Operations of Western Flotilla

Henry Walke
Henry Walke
General Lew Wallace
General Lew Wallace

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These accounts, written by Commander Henry Walke, commander of the Union iron clad Carondelet, along with the gunboats DeKalb, Cincinnati, Louisville, Mound City, Cairo and Pittsburgh, under the command of Flag-Officer Andrew Hull Foote, raised havoc with Confederate river forces along the Kentucky and Tennessee rivers.

This eBook also includes:
The Battle of Belmont
The Battle of Fort Henry
The Gun-Boats at Fort Donelson
Exploits at Island Number 10
Fighting the Confederate Fleet

Recollections of Foote and the Gunboats
by James B. Eads, Manufacturer of the fleet of Ironclad Gunboats

Names of Western Gunboats

The Capture of Fort Donelson
by General Lew Wallace

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Opening the Lower Mississippi
Opening the Lower Mississippi

David D. Porter

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(4,823 Kb)


David D. Porter, commander of the Powhatan, details his plan for the flotilla, commanded by Admiral Farragut, which led to the destruction of New Orleans and retaking control of the Lower Mississippi by Federal forces, and on up the river to Memphis.

Endless days and nights of bombardment, Forts Jackson and St. Philip, on opposite sides of the river, takes the brunt of the conflict as the flotilla moves up river.

This book also includes Admiral Farragut's report to Washington on the capture of New Orleans.

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Shiloh Campaign
Shiloh Campaign

Ulysses S. Grant

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(11,143 Kb)


Ulysses S. Grant writes a very detailed account of this critical battle. Until it was fought, he "believed that the rebellion against the Government would collapse suddenly and soon if a decisive victory could be gained over any of its armies." The Shiloh campaign changed that thinking.

This eBook also includes:

Albert Sidney Johnston and the Shiloh Campaign
by William Preston Johnston

Notes of a Confederate
Staff-Officer at Shiloh

by Colonel Thomas Jordan, C.S.A. Adjutant-General

The Surrender of Prentiss
by Brigadier-General Benjamin Maybury Prentiss

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