VOL37 World Leaders

ImageName           Leader

ALBERT Ablert, Prince of Wales

ALEXNDRA Alexandria, Queen Alexandria

ALFRED Alfred, King Alfred, England

ANNE Anne, Queen Anne, England

BISMARK Bismark, Otto von Bismark, Germany

BRUTUS Brutus, M. Janius

CEASAR Ceasar, Julius Ceasar

CHARLES1 Charles1, King Charles

CHARLES2 Charles2, King Charles, England

CHARLES3 Charles3, King, Spain

CHARLEMN Charlemange, World Leader

COMMODUS Commodus, Roman Emperor

CONFUISH Confucius, Religon

CROMWELL Cromwell, Oliver Cromwell

CZARNIC2 Czar, Czar Nicholas II, Russia

EDDIE7 Edward VII, King of England, King

ELIZBETH Elizabeth, Queen Elizabeth, England

FRANCIS Francis Joseph I, Austria, Hungary

FRANCISJ Francis Joseph II, Emperor, Austria

FREDRICK Fredrick, King, Prussia

GALIENUS Galienus, Roman Emperor

GARBALDI Garabaldi, Italy, Liberator

GEORGE1 George I, King George, King, England

GEORGE2 George II, King George, King, England

GEORGE3 George III, King George, King, George, England

GLADSTON Gladstone, William E. Gladstone, England

GUSTAVUS Gustavus II, King, Sweden

GUSTAV5 Gustavus V, King, Sweden


HAMPDEN Hampden, John Hampden

HELENA Helena, Queen Helena, Italy

HENRY4 Henry IV, King Henry, King, France

HENRY7 Henry VII, King Henry, England

HENRY8 Henry VIII, King Henry, England

HUMBERT Humbert, King Humbert, Italy

ITO Ito, Prince Ito, Japan

JAMES1 James I, King James, England

LOUIS14 Louis XIV, King Louis, France

LOUIS16 Louis XVI, King Louis, France

MARIEANN Marie Antoinette, France

MARY Queen Mary, England, Queen

MAX1 Maximilian I, Germany, Emperor

MOHAMMED Mohammed, Religious Leader

MSTUART Mary Stuart, Queen Mary, Queen of Scots

MUTUHITO Mutuhito, Japanese General

NAPOLEON Napoleon, France

PERICLES Periclese

PETER Peter the Great, Peter, Russia

PHILIP2 Philip II, King Philip, King, Spain

PHILIP3 King Philip III, King, Spain

POMPEY Pompey, Roman General, Rome

RHODES Rhodes, Cecil Rhodes

RICHARD Richard, King Richard, King, England

ROBSPIER Robespierre, French revolutionary, France

SARGON Sargon, Ancient Ruler

SEVERUS Severus, Roman Emperor, Rome

VICTOR2 Victor Emmanuel II

SELIM1 Selim I, Ancient Ruler

TIGLATH Tiglath, Tiglath-Pileser II, Ancient Ruler

VICTOR3 Victor Emmanuel III, Victor

WASHTON George Washington

WASHTON.BMP Washington, George Washington

WILLIAM2 William II, Emperor of Germany, Hohenzollern

WILAMINA Wilamina, Queen, Queen Wilamina, Netherlands

VICTORIA Victoria, Queen, Queen Victoria, England

WELLITON Wellington, Duke of Wellington, England

WM1 William I, Emperor of Germany, Germany

WM3 William III, King William, King, England

WMCON William, King William, William the Conqueror

WMMARY William and Mary, King William, Queen Mary